Labor-Less Friday Fun at Rogers

Don’t let the name fool you. You deserve a break for Labor Day. Call it Labor-less Super Fun Friday!

Join us on Friday, September 1, 2016 for a full flea market and auction day of great finds, great food, and great fun!

Dig through vintage treasures for extra special dishes for holiday entertaining.

Shop brand new goods, get a jump on your holiday shopping, and stock up on home decor, baking, and craft needs.

Come to Rogers YEAR ROUND for great finds, great food, and great fun!



Buckets of Fun & Farmhouse Frugal

So … do you know what all of the following have in common?

They are all part of the “hot” new trend (No, not Pokemon Go!, the other one).

They are all part of the deliciously rustic and wonderful “Farmhouse Style” that is sweeping HGTV, Pinterest and homes everywhere. There is a very good reason for this.

It’s unique.

It’s affordable.

It works.

Breathing new life into old things is the heart and soul of “flea marketing.” The amazing finds at our Friday market, Friday Auctions, and Second Tuesday Consignment Auction each month are no exception!

These items could all be created cheaply and easily with  a variety of the unique treasures found on our grounds.

Here is just a small sampling of the hundreds of thousands of items you can find here.

Happy Hunting!

Second Tuesday Treasures

Every Second Tuesday of Every Month Year Round you can find everything from A(ntiques)-Z(Gallery Items) at our Second Tuesday Consignment Auctions! Like “American Pickers” come to life, this auction is a chance to see, feel, and purchase unique pieces both new and retro.

This is just a sampling over the THOUSANDS of items from collectible signs to farm tractors you can find at this auction. Check out for details. Photos of current auction items are posted and be sure to JOIN our album for updates.

Pinterest Likes ItSteel Alloy School Bell 24

More Sales, Less Scams

garage-yard-sale-shopping-by-John-BeagleGot Garage Sales?

Cruising Craigslist?

Let us offer you a fast, easy, and far more effortless alternative to these hassles.

Our auctions and market are a tried and true way to make space – and profit.

Do you want to meet buyers face to face in a safe environment that doesn’t require you inviting strangers to your home, or meeting them in random parking lots? Our Market is for you. For just $21 (that’s less than the cost of a Classifieddownload Ad) you can rent a space and put your wares in front of up to 50,000 potential customers during a peak season Friday. Try that at your  house! The parking alone would be a nightmare. Here we offer 70 acres of free parking and a quick, easy way to sell your stuff. Feel free to tag us on Social Media and let our vast following know you are here – FOR FREE!

Leftover items? DO go home empty handed! You can take them home or drop them off at our 6 p.m. Household and Miscellaneous Auction. Drop off and let us sell the rest for you.

Our auctions offer a variety of options from drop off each Friday for 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. auctions or for large items or whole house clean outs feel free to check out our Second Tuesday Monthly Consignment Auction. Our auctioneers command top dollar at that place and time for your goods. We can accept payment in cash, check, or credit which will often up the sales prices for interested bidders. 

Let others spend time and lose money on yard sales and deal with endless online scams. Smart sellers come to the Tri-State Area’s Largest Open Air Market and Auction House to clean house and pocket profit!


We’re Going to Party Like it’s 1776!

Happy 1st of July! Here at Rogers Fridays are ALWAYS Fun Days but none is better than the Friday closest to our nation’s birthday!

This year the Tri-State Area’s Biggest and Best will celebrate our Nation’s Independence on Friday July 1st, 2016 with a HUGE MARKET, FREE CONCERT, K-105 Radio Remote (Win a camper!) and FREE FIREWORKS!

No visitor or vendor is ever turned away. With over 250 acres we WILL find space for ya!

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by supporting the Independent Businesses run by our amazing vendors? Be sure to come on out for all the great finds, food, and fun at Rogers!




#Winning (Again)

Oops, we did it again. Apologies for the dated pop reference but it bears repeating. We are winners.

There, we said it.

In addition to being a multi-year winner of the “Best Flea Market in Ohio,” we have enjoyed a variety of accolades and awards in the past few months.

We just added another.

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence with Text Blurb

This award means quite a bit to us because while we “earned” it, you awarded it. Up to 50,000 visitors each Friday during peak season (since 1955). We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and our market.

Thank you.

Here’s Your Sign(s)

There’s no greater sign that you need to visit the Tri-State Area’s Largest Open Air Market or Auctions than these.


Call it Antique, retro, vintage, or even brand new, signage and typography is red hot in the collectible and decor market today. Nothing adds a fresh conversation piece to your spaces quite like a unique piece of Americana.

Whether visiting our over 1600 vendors on any Market Friday, or coming to our amazing Second Tuesday Monthly Consignment Auction, you will won’t find a bigger or better source for all the signs of your (good) times!

Goats in Coats (This Title Wrote Itself).


A while back we received a message from Becky Jo. She wrote:

Last week you chose to sell this mama goat and her two 10 day old kids together as a family. I was the winning bidder and happily brought them home. I made some quick coats for them out of old clothes, and now they are all warm and happy! Mama gives my family a quart of milk a day besides keeping her twins full! Thank you soooo much for keeping them together. It was the best decision and in their best interest. Feel free to repost this on your page, I just didn’t know if it was allowed.

Allowed, encouraged, and shared! Thanks Becky! We are so glad that you and this little family came together. Now if we can just talk about those little coats because CUTE!!! (Note to self: when the goats are more fashionable than I am, it may be time to reboot).

Auction Addict in Action

Monthly Consignment Auction GridEveryone says it, few can prove it. Our Second Tuesday Monthly Consignment Auctions truly are like “American Pickers” come to life. From Antiques to equipment, industrial, mid century modern, retro, vintage signage and so much more – if you are within driving distance and want to experience the most fun you can have treasure hunting ANYWHERE – you want and NEED to be here on the Second Tuesday of the month.

Check out our albums of the types of items we buy and sell and see why we are better than Classifieds, Craigslist, or yard sales because we take cash, check, credit or debit in trade for goods. We have professional marketing, auctioneers, clerks and more on the case to get you the best price that the market will bear at the moment that item is sold.

If you love a good treasure hunt and want to buy, sell or simply get an up close and personal look at the most unique items under the sun – be sure to stop by our Monthly Consignment Auction.

Concessions, restaurant and restrooms are also available on site.

For an album of items selling TOMORROW, TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 2016 be sure to click here and check back often as we update the album throughout Monday and Tuesday as newly consigned items arrive.

Happy Picking!